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Polishing of acid-proof steel

One of the main activities of our Company is the surface treatment of materials according to customer requirements. This is not only essential for the processing of acid-proof materi-als, but also greatly influences the final aesthetics of the products. Within the topic of sur-face treatment, let us introduce polishing in detail. Polishing basically means the glossing and burnishing of various material surfaces by ma-chining. Before polishing, the surface to be treated shall be suitably prepared by grinding several times with abrasive materials of different grain sizes. Polishing is the last phase when the surface is made smooth and glossy by the use of different polishing pastes. Our plant has slab-and-tile grinding machines (contact grinding machines), radius grinding machines, mechanical and manual tube grinding machines (for straight and arched tubes as well) and traditional machinery. Most of our grinding machines are equipped with state-of-the-art feeding units that provide high quality. Due to their efficiency, we can calculate rea-sonable prizes. Thence, in addition to the work necessary for our own manufacture, we are ready to do contract work in the field of grinding.

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